Wellcome to Drug Free Workplaces

ScanScreen International is the comprehensive solution on Health and Security within companies and organisations.

We work with an international perspective, and plays a decisive role in Europe concerning Drug Test, Drug Policy and Drug Free Workplaces.
All staff has a medical background and has a long experience related to impairment- and drug use issues. 

Fundamental to our approach is the recognition, that behind every drug test there is a person.

ScanScreen International works as professional Adviser and Partner on Workplace Drug Policy within companies and organizations. Our goal is to provide ethically and legally defensible solutions for Workplace Drug Testing and Drug Free Workplaces.

We have customers all over Europe, in a wide range of companies. We offer you a complete range of services to support your company's policy on drugs and alcohol. These include policy advice, education, employee assistance, administration support and the full range of services necessary for testing programmes.

ScanScreen solutions are tailored around workplace management activities and are validated by years of experience. Our comprehensive programs include laboratory services, instrumented test systems, rapid screening devices, and a variety of workplace medical services.

We are committed to providing reliable, innovative and value-focused substance abuse screening, products and laboratory services to the government, criminal justice, and Workplace Drug Testing Comapnies.

Our toxicology RapidStat Drug tests are used for rapid drug screening in thousands of hospitals worldwide.

While recent reports show a decrease in drunk driving in the many European Countries and US, we now reveal a significant increase in drugged driving. Roadside testing has never been more vital.